Video Explainers

Explain complex matters in a simple way

The secret to succesfull explainers

People are naturally curious. We love to learn new things. But there’s a catch: it shouldn’t take much effort! This explains how YouTube became the 2nd largest search engine in the world: thanks to the enormous success of explainer videos!


Knowledge clips.

Video can be a great tool to transfer knowledge on demand. From script to adding animations. We help you to make sure that your clips are effective and fun.

Made for millions.

Explainer videos are extremely popular because they work.
These clips are an effective tool and therefore used by millions of corporates and media organisations.

All kinds of explainers.

There is not just one kind of explainer. You can have a fully decorated studio, animation only or the combination of a presenter in the real world with 3D effects. It all depends on your story.

what we offer

Our team takes care of the complete process. From writing a script to creating the most insane 3D animations.


Discover the unique qualities of video.

Find out how explainer videos can help your organisation. Together we will find the ideal format for your needs.

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