Virtual Classroom

Scale up your training while teaching just like you're used to.

We enable teachers to focus on students and content, rather than on technology.

We enable teachers to focus on
students and content, rather
than on technology.

Even though we believe intimate face-2-face conversations are important. We are confident online teaching is here to stay. Instead of looking at minimising the disadvantages, we focus on the unique benefits of distance learning. The Virtual Classroom is not about replacing offline, it’s about creating a viable alternative.


Less time. More interaction.

Most people are unable to focus for more than 40 minutes. Virtually we can host shorter classes more often. After all, we don’t need to travel. Additionally, we can invite teachers from overseas or take a closer look into a 3D model using augmented reality.

Effective learning is a two way street.

The largest barrier in remote learning, is the lack of natural communication. The Virtual Classroom solves this problem. It encourages natural dialogue and provides all participants with intuitive input methods. Allowing teachers to make meaningful connections with their students.

It's the combination of hardware, software and our experience in storytelling.

The virtual classroom is a combination of a physical studio and an interface designed for learning. In the studio the teacher is able to walk around and teach if the students are closeby.

what we offer

A fully automated studio plus an interface designed for teaching and training. The audience is projected in a theatre setting. They are able to interact with the teacher, as well as with peers or colleagues. Creating an active and dynamic learning experience for everyone involved.


Make technology work for you.

Discover how our Virtual Classroom can benefit your company. Get in touch to discuss the possibilities.

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