itorium launches Virtual Classrooms for impactful learning journeys

itorium, an education technology start-up from the co-founders of the University of the Netherlands and Flanders, has launched Virtual Classrooms, a new interactive learning tool for organizations and educational institutions. With the help of the most innovative technologies, Virtual Classrooms give a new dimension to personal interaction in a digital learning environment. The Virtual Classrooms tool meets the increasing demand of companies and educators to find an effective way to plan and present their digital learning experiences.

itorium has started a partnership for this with media technology company NEP. The ISO-certified technical backbone of NEP and its state-of-the-art its facilities are deployed to create interactive and safe learning environments together. Thereby the user experience is created to fit the learning content and is designed for a ‘human’ way of learning and communicating.

Virtual Classrooms

In the Virtual Classrooms, trainers or teachers can give lectures and courses from a studio, supported by NEP’s Augmented Reality features and LED display technology. The virtual public can ask questions or have discussions realtime. itorium is also developing a Virtual Campus, an interactive immersive platform in which Virtual Classrooms can be integrated. On this platform participants will be able to visit multiple classrooms, hand in assignments or drink coffee together. In this way, online learning becomes an interactive and personalized experience for everyone.

Roel Bellinga, CEO of itorium, says: “Our goal is to develop, together with our clients, impactful learning trajectories that fit perfectly in a digital environment. Whether it’s about developing a learning programme, content creation, or the deployment of our interactive learning tools, for every question within the online learning process, itorium can add value. We analyse the content of the course and find the right technology to create a learning experience as natural as possible, which current online learning environments often can’t provide. The Virtual Classrooms are an extension of our current portfolio and offer the possibility to bring online learning experiences to the next level. In this way we try to make the difference and make online learning for everyone appealing and effective.”

About itorium

itorium uses the Learning Canvas, an in-house developed model that has been used for many years to create science-based digital learning programmes. itorium also produces valuable content as livestreams, on-demand clips or podcasts. The new Virtual Classrooms create endless possibilities for online learning experiences that can be deployed and adjusted for every learning goal. In short, itorium combines content, technology and user experience to create the most effective learning trajectories for organizations and educational institutions.


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